10 Foods you must try in Paris, France

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French cuisine and foods you must try in Paris, France

French Cuisine is popular throughout the world and the best place to sample authentic French food is in Paris. Visitors to France are sure to enjoy their meals here and should not forget to try some of unique and popular foods that are part of French cuisine. This city boasts several restaurants, cafes, bistros, roadside eateries and a number of other places across the city where you can try out these popular French delicacies.

1. Croissants – Although these are now commonly available in bakeries around the world, there is nothing that is quite equal to the joy of tasting a croissant freshly baked in Paris. As always, there are some bakeries that make it just a little bit better than others, but the bottom line is, do remember to try a croissant in Paris.

2. Escargots – Snails or Escargot are widely acknowledged as a purely French dish. These snails are prepared in rich French sauces and are served as a delicacy. They are available at most French restaurants and cafes.

3. Cuisses de Grenouilles – Like snails, frog’s legs or Cuisses de grenouilles are another delicacy that is indelibly linked with French cuisine and is freely available throughout Paris.

4. Tarte Tatin – This gastronomic masterpiece is an apple tart that is cooked upside down so that the apples turn crispy and golden. The dish is served along with delicious cream and is one of the most loved pastries in Paris.



5. Trou Normand – This is an after dinner treat for adults, and consists of sorbet that is scooped into Calvados. It is the perfect way to end the meal.

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