Camping and Camp sites in France

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Guide to camping in France

Camping is a very popular activity with tourists and locals alike in France. France has many camping specific sites and the French government has catered to this form of tourism by providing each camping site with a star rating. Camping sites in France are rated based on the amenities and luxuries they provide their patrons. Some of the better four or three star rated camping sites offer benefits like a pool and an on site grocery store.

Camping in France is not expensive. Depending on which part of France you would like to visit, the number of people in your tour group, the duration of your stay and the various amenities that you desire to be provided with, the cost of a campsite can range from a few euros to a few hundred. The higher end camp sites are usually four and three star rated camping grounds equipped with pools, fine-dining, Wi-Fi and on-site doctors.

When planning your camping trip in France, do not forget to consider factors like transport to and from your camping site, electricity and other amenities like a refrigerator and stove.

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France is also a very popular country in terms of naturist camping. Sites in the South if France such as Cap d’Agde for example, attract thousands of people to France each year.