5 best Paris France exhibitions

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Exhibitions in Paris, France

Paris is the world’s most popular destination for food, culture and the arts. Every year, the Paris events calendar is filled with some of the most exciting, famous and refined exhibitions in the world. This article gives you a list of the top five exhibitions ranging from food to art to fashion and more.

1. Paris Food Fair – The Food Fairs held in Paris are probably the biggest of their kind around the world where exhibitors present their audiences with the best produce, dishes and wines. With representatives from around the world and low ticket prices to attract the crowds, these events should not be missed. There are a number of food fairs that run throughout the year in Paris.

2. Pret A Porter – This is a trade fair that deals comprehensively with the fashion industry and showcases a number of fashion and lifestyle products. The name Pret A Porter means ready to wear. This event is world famous and there are buyers and exhibitors that come from around the world to build contacts or buy and sell goods.

3. Paris Fashion Week – This is one of the world’s most famous fashion events that takes place twice a year and runs for approximately one week. The Paris Fashion Week takes place immediately after the Milan Fashion Week and is the final event in the fashion week calendar.

4. Paris Wine Fair – At the Parc des Expositions in Paris, every year around 1000 independent wine makers gather to showcase their wines to the public. Tickets cost €6 making the event both affordable and popular. This event, like most other events in Paris takes place twice a year in November and in April.

5. Les Parfums – L’exposition Parisienne – Another Trade Fair that takes place in September, this event usually takes place in September. It is one of the most famous trade fairs for beauty products and cosmetics.

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