Best Macarons in Paris

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Once the budget is taken care of, you can start your tour of many luxurious bakeries, where you will indulge in one of the best sweets in the world, prepared in traditional French way. The most popular of them all is the cute little round macaron. In this article, we give you a list of best pâtisseries in Paris to shop for this mouth-watering pastry.


This legendary bakery and sweets maker house is the largest macaron house in the world. Sometimes credited for inventing the macaron, Ladurée makes delicious macarons of various flavours. Although a bit pricy, getting to brag about visiting this world-famous institution is totally worth it. Rose, iced mint, orange flower and lavender are their best sellers.

Pierre Hermé

This bakery will tease your palate with its bold combinations of flavours, including Olive Oil with Mandarin Orange, Apricot & Crunchy Pistachio, Rose & Rose Petal, Milk Chocolate & Passion Fruit and many, many more! It is with good reason that Pierre Hermé was named “the Picasso of Pastry”.


This luxury food emporium has had macarons among its bread-and-butter products for decades. While they have 22 different flavours on offer all year-round, their tea macrons are their most recognizable brand. They are made by infusing Fauchon homemade tea directly into soft white-chocolate ganache for a perfect creamy flavour.

Sadaharu Aoki

If you are looking for something exotic, this is the right place for you! You will taste an interesting combination of Japanese flavour and French pastries. You will get to try macarons with wasabi-horeseradish, houjicha, genmaicha, umeboshi (Japanese salt plum), yuzu, matcha, black sesame and more, for a truly unique experience!

Pierre Marcolini

I’m inspired by an ongoing trend in gastronomy that champions the real taste of ingredients above all else. I travel a lot to be able to find the best products to do the same with my macarons and chocolates,” says Marcolini. The provenance of his ingredients and the simple but intense taste of his macarons is what sets them apart.

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