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One of the most historic districts in Paris, Marais is the ideal destination for those travellers interested in seventeenth and eighteenth-century architecture. A visit to this district will provide the tourist with an insight into the city’s history.

The Marais area of Paris, France is a short distance away from iconic Parisian landmarks including the :

  • Louvre
  • Sorbonne
  • and Notre Dame.

When translated literally, “Marais” means “swamp,” however, this is by no means the image you are presented with as you set foot in this picturesque Parisian district.  An important part of French history, Marais has been in use since the twelfth century. It later became the site where French kings from the seventeenth century were buried. The Place Royale or the Place de Vosges as it is known today was the first royal abode built by Henri IV and is open to public viewing.

Marais is known for its shopping potential, and many believe it to one of the best places to shop in Paris. From boutique shopping to second hand shops where you can find some of the best deals in town, Marais is a good place to be if you are in the mood for some retail therapy.

Also a must see on any tourist agenda is the Bastille area within Marais. Hugely popular with locals and tourists alike, this is the site of the start of the French Revolution and features, besides a memorial, some of the best restaurants and bars in Paris.

The Centre George Pompidou, the Musée the Picasso and the Maison de Victor Hugo are also within the Marais area and are definitely worth a visit.

Further information:

  • Being one of Europe’s major capital cities, there are a number if international events in the city.

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