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Guide to hiring a car in Paris, France

Exploring Paris by car is one of the best ways to make your vacation in the city an enjoyable and fulfilling one. Driving through Paris gives you the flexibility to decide where to go and how long to spend at a particular site. With a hired vehicle, you will not need to depend on the schedule of a tour guide to see Paris’ many attractions.

In Paris, there are several kinds of vehicles available for you to hire including sedans, minivans, hatches, wagons, automatic cars and convertibles. Weekly car hire rates vary according to location and the type of car hired and rental prices can range from 160 to 220 Euros. An economical rate for a three day economy car rental in Paris is 190 Euros.

However, car hire service rentals tend to include many hidden costs like the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), the theft protection costs and Personal Accident Insurance (PAI). CDW can be purchased at the rental counters and usually costs around US$80 per day while the theft protection charges cost around US$5-US$20 per day.

While the rates are more or less the same at all rental counters in the city, most Paris Car Hire Company providers in France providers impose certain restrictions to customers. For instance, you will need to be at least around 21 years of age and have a license that is at least a year old to hire a car. Parking meters are available so are ‘blue zones’ in some places for parking your vehicle. Speed limits are around 31mph – 50kph in the city while it increases to 81kph – 130kph on highways. Remember to lock your car and pull up the windows whenever the car is left unattended.

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Extra information: A great alternative to hotels can be self catering accommodation with Paris apartment rentals in areas such as Marais and Champs Elysees.