Guide to the River Seine, Paris

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The River Seine is one of the most scenic and notable rivers in Europe and has been the theme of paintings, poems and songs. This charming river, which runs through the capital of France, boasts several tourist attractions along its banks. Tourists to Paris are advised to take a trip down the River Seine and explore the wonders of this slow moving waterway, the soul of the city of Paris.

The many attractions that can be seen from the river include Paris’ most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower. This is on the South bank of the river, as is the Musée d’Orsay. On the North bank of the River Seine, you can see well known sights such as the Louvre, the Concorde and the Grand Palais. The Notre Dame Cathedral, another Parisian landmark, is located on a small island in the river, called the Ile de la Cité.

The famous bridges of Paris are well worth seeing, and there are thirty-seven of them in the city alone, such as the Pont Neuf, which is the oldest one. The Pont de Normandie, one of the world’s longest cable suspension bridges, is also on the Seine, but outside of Paris.

Going on a river cruise is a great way to learn about the River Seine. You can get tours that let you see the left and right banks of the river which has the setting for many stories, books and films. Lunch and dinner cruises along this river are available throughout the year.