Guide to Disneyland Paris

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Disney is a global institution which has been responsible for creating some of the most recognisable cartoon and entertainment figures in history. There are various resorts and parks around the world which capitalise on the popularity of Disney and allow people to become immersed in its magic. Euro Disney is one such resort and below is a brief guide to the Paris holiday haven.

Disneyland Paris is situated in the eastern suburbs of Paris and is approximately 20 miles from the city centre, making it the ideal distance for a daytrip for visitors to the resort. The number of visitors to this resort make it the most popular both in France and in Europe. It is an expansive resort which has a range of entertainment, accommodation and catering facilities to keep guests entertained. It consists of two large theme parks, a number of hotels and a retail and entertainment centre. The latter is the main area for eating and dining and also provides plenty of opportunities to purchase a souvenir.

The various hotels within Disneyland Paris each represent a different area of America as a legacy to the brands American heritage. Together the hotels can accommodate over 5,000 people. There are plans in place to extend this capacity considerable over the next ten years both in and around the resort. Many people choose to stay in and around Paris and visit the park for the day in amongst their other activities in the area.

The rides at the park vary in size and nature and there is something to suit people of all ages. This is without question a great attraction for people of all ages and a great chance to escape the big city of Paris for one or or two days if you plan to spend any amount of time in the French capital.

You can learn more about Disneyland Paris, France on the main Uk based website for the resort.