Guide to Carnaval de Paris

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Paris Carnival (known locally as Carnaval de Paris) is one of the oldest carnivals in the world and has been taking place for many centuries now. The carnival tradition was first started to honour the police in Paris, however, in recent years, it is very much dedicated to the workers in the city. During the one day of the carnival, there are many feasts, parties and other events organised creating a festive atmosphere throughout the entire city. Carnaval de Paris is also enjoyed by students and tourists to the city who will be able to see this city in a very different light.


In the past, the carnival took place over a number of days, but currently the event is held only for one day on Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. Every year during the Carnival on the streets of Paris, a number of processions take place while people participate in the parade wearing elaborate masks. Spectators arrive from around the world to watch this procession and as a result, Paris is extremely crowded during the carnival.

Another feature of the carnival is the number of stalls that are set up. These stalls sell any number of items from food to novelty items to special masks. All around the city, people revel in the spirit of the Carnaval de Paris. In order to visit the city for the carnival, it is a good idea to book tickets and accommodation much in advance.

Dates: February annually.

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