Paris accommodation guide: vacation rentals, boutique hotels & apartments

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There are a number of excellent accommodation options in the city of Paris and in and there are a variety of very good central areas and locations to choose from. Below a summary and link to more information on the main accommodation options and also a brief look at the areas you might want to stay in. Feel free also to send us your options and thoughts.

Paris vacation rental apartments

One of the fastest growing forms of accommodation, in terms of popularity is vacation apartment rentals. People are fast realising the benefit of extra space and reduced costs – especially for groups of 4+ people.

Paris Boutique hotels

Another fairly new trend within the holiday and vacation accommodation sector has been a drive towards luxury rentals in the form of Boutique hotels.


One of the most popular ways of staying in Paris will always be to stay in one of the Paris Hotels, especially for 1, 2 and 3 night stays and for individuals. There are couples of every style and star and across a broad price range. Hotels are a great form of Paris accommodation.

Bed and Breakfast

On a fairly low cost level, Bed and Breakfast stays offer an excellent choice for price, morning meal and also some good advice quite often, from the patrons.

Where to stay in Paris

With some great areas such as Champs Elysees, Marais and St. Germain for example, it can be overwhelming trying to work out where to stay.

When staying in Paris, whether it be an apartment or bed and breakfast or hotel, make sure to consider the location in terms of local transportation. If you need to get to the airport early, then consider accommodation near to the main bus station or train station connecting to the airport for example.

Travel as a family with children

Family holiday apartments in the French capital are possible and offer the added benefit of self catering rentals.

Budget accommodation

Read our choice of some of the best cheap hotels in Paris and budget hotels by area of Paris and what to expect.

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