Sporting Events in Paris

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There are certain cities in Europe where sport plays a huge part in the culture of the city. The importance of sport in these cities is not underestimated as it brings a lot of incoming tourism from those who come to visit sporting events as well as from those who are exposed to the city through the televised coverage. Below are some of the sporting events you might like to attend in Paris.

French Club Rugby Match

French club rugby has been transformed recently by a mass of investment. Clubs are now paying lots of money to tempt the best players from around the world to come and play in their colours. It is fast becoming one of the best leagues in the world, and watching one of the Paris clubs such as Racing Metro is a must for any rugby fan.

Tour de France

This is the most high profile cycling event in the world. Over an extended period of time the best cyclist from around the globe tour different parts of the country and culminates in Paris.

Paris St Germain Game

Football is one of the biggest sports in France and attending a national league game will enable you to experience the passion that the Parisians have for the game.

Diamond League Athletics

Diamond League athletics is a top quality gathering of the best athletes in the world, so visiting here will enable you to see athletes such as Usain Bolt.

French Open Tennis

This is one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world and is the opportunity to see the best names from the sport in action. This is part of the Grand Slam series of matches and takes place at the start of each summer. More the French Open in Paris, France.

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